Friday, September 28, 2007

Thursday, September 27, 2007


okiedoke, seached for Thursday songs to no avail. well less than a handfull, and none that i liked---the few i did find were too depressing i.e. Bowie's Thursday's Child. i know the rhyme says "thursday's child is full of woe" but jeeze! So i'm cheating again and stealing a cheezy idea that most newspapers have on thursday [ahem] i mean thersday and going with the Indigo Girl's. i know, i know, but you must admit their harmonies sway you to forgive my lameness here [shrug].

Indigo Girls ~ Closer to Fine

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Digital Underground ~ Humpty Dance

i'm cheating a bit here, in that this song does not have the word wednesday in the title or lyric, but wednesday is also known as "hump day" so...

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Monday, September 24, 2007


Boomtown Rats featuring Sir Bob Geldof ~ Tell Me Why [I Don't Like Mondays]

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On Monday, January 29, 1979, Brenda Ann Spencer wounded eight children and one police officer and killed principal Burton Wragg and custodian Mike Suchar in a shooting spree at Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego, California, United States.

The school was across the street from her house. She used the rifle she had recently been given for Christmas by her father. When the six-hour incident ended and the sixteen-year-old was asked why she had committed the crime, she shrugged and replied, "I don't like Mondays. This livens up the day." She also said: "I had no reason for it, and it was just a lot of fun." "It was just like shooting ducks in a pond." and "[The children] looked like a herd of cows standing around, it was really easy pickings."

She pleaded guilty to two counts of murder and assault with a deadly weapon, and was sentenced to prison for 25 years to life, currently being served at The California Institution for Women in Corona. She has been eligible for parole four times and has been turned down each time, most recently in 2005. She will be eligible for parole again in 2009.

Mamas & The Papas ~ Monday Monday

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Efforts to locate video of The Bangles' Manic Monday resulted in either zero results or requests to discontinue embedding at the usual outlets, so i made my own. hope you like. For The Bangles image, thanks to kackles at Flickr

The Bangles ~ Manic Monday

Here's the original---thanks to DJKhan21 for steering me

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday Night

Sam Cooke ~ Another Saturday Night

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The BeeGees ~ Stayin' Alive

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Sir Elton John ~ Saturday Night's Alright For Fightin'

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The Bay City Rollers ~ S A T U R D A Y Night!

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