Saturday, July 11, 2009

Michael Jackson 8~29~1958 ~ 6~25~2009

"And my goal in life is to give to the world what I was lucky to receive: the ecstasy of divine union through my music and my dance." ~ Michael Jackson

prodigious, reclusive, charismatic, enigmatic, beautiful, grotesque, worshiped, reviled, beloved, vilified, controversial, philanthropic, savvy, naive, legendary, tragic..

These are some of the descriptions that come to mind when i think of Michael Joseph Jackson. There is one thing that both his admirers and detractors would have to agree on---this was a man with phenomenal talents, the likes of which the world has never before seen, and may never see again. There's an expression: "often imitated, never duplicated"---if ever there was an entertainer to whom that applies it is surely the one, the only,
King Of PoP.
May the gods speed.

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